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In Their Words

"My reading with Chaya was an amazing experience. I was very open to receiving anything that she was bringing to me and was pleasantly surprised to hear from my grandmother❤. She passed on what my grandmother was showing her beautifully-- right down to the smell of her house!

After the reading, I felt a huge burst of positive energy and just an increase in energy, in general. My husband even got his own goosebumps listening to the messages & now wants to book a reading for himself!

I was not located close enough to go in person, but it didn't matter...Chaya is a beautiful spirit, whose energy can even be felt over the phone."

--Jen Bowron

"After my shamanic energy healing with Chaya, I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders. Also after waking in the middle of the night for weeks, I finally started sleeping!

The notes from my session were recorded and I listened to them over and over again, getting goosebumps each time. I was surprised and so grateful when my deceased father, brother grandmother & beloved childhood dog came through to Chaya during my treatment. She had details such as how they passed, the job they had, their favorite food & even the name of the cologne my Dad wore!

It gave me such peace to hear that my Dad is sitting with my mom while she goes through her cancer journey and how much it meant to my brother that his nephew has his middle name--he was born after my brother passed and I was speechless that Chaya knew this!

My whole world is changed!"

--Angela Arkley

"Honestly, this is just so much more than I could've ever asked for in any reading! I am truly in awe of what you told me and my appreciation is off the charts! Just so incredible!"

--Janice Nichol