The Wounded Healer

I've heard it said that "Wounded Healers" aren't born and they aren't made...they create themselves by triumphing over adversity and heartache. 

After losing a dear friend to cancer and being asked to raise her children (on top of my own), I knew that I was being handed a lesson that Life is too short not to answer the true call of your heart. My personal journey through grief has inspired me to be a way-shower for others.

I work closely with the Spirit world...guides, helping spirits & crossed over loved ones will all participate in your session.  My healing basket includes:

Shamanic Energy Healing, Mediumship, Card Reading,

Past Life Memory Retrieval, Medicine Singing & Spiritual Counselling.

Soul Shaman Healing was born out of my desire to guide others on their own unique journeys of inner transformation and inspire them to rise up out of the ashes, stronger than before!




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