Shamanic Practitioner, Hedge Witch, Spirit Messenger, Seer & Way-Finder

The services I offer combine a variety of skills and techniques (some of which are listed below).  The list of pre-packaged offerings currently available for booking can be found linked on our Service Offerings page and are available for online booking.


Astral Energy Healing

Head-to-Toe Reiki Energy Treatments, Chakra Scans, Release of Blocks to Energy Flow


Soul Release Work

Karmic Release, Past-Life Memory Retrieval, Spiritual Counselling & Way-Showing, and Medicine Singing


Card Reading

Spirit Guide-Led Card Readings Using a Variety of Decks and Spreads to Suit Every Intention


Psychic Mediumship

All of My Services Include Strong Involvement From Spirit Guides, Ancestors, and/or Loved Ones.


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